TNETW1130 (ACX111) / TNETW1100 (ACX100) / TNETW1450 wireless network card device matrix

(this device table layout shamelessly stolen from the Atmel Linux driver project)

This table seeks to list all (well, most) WLAN cards that use the TNETW1130 (aka ACX111) 802.11g+/b+ chipset or the TNETW1100 (aka ACX100) 802.11b+ chipset or the newish TNETW1450 802.11g+/b+ USB chipset and their support status by this Open-Source Linux driver (go back to driver homepage here).
If you have an chip device or a vendor that is not listed here yet (several devices are being sold by multiple vendors, it seems), then please mail to andi at a host called
Please include as much information that's relevant to this matrix as possible (I really want to spend time programming the driver instead of doing stupid maintenance work).

Here is another page listing various cards and firmware versions.

ACX100 (TNETW1100, TNETW1100B) based cards

Brand Model Interface
(USB: VID/PID, PCI: vendor/subsys)
FCCID Radio Binary Driver Verified? GPL Driver Verified? Vendor Driver Chipset Verified Submitter/Owner
Global Sun Technology Inc.
Well Communications / Origo
PCI / mini-PCI O7J-GL2422VP3) ?
No Yes [0.2.0pre6]
Yes [0.1c]
Yes [0.2.0pre7]
[ACX100] Markus DOT K DOT Schaeffauer A T gmx DOT de
andi A T lisas DOT de
slavi A T boss DOT bg, akonrad A T chello DOT cz
MGream A T metasolv DOT com
Global Sun Technology Inc.
Binatone Broadband
Well Communications / Origo
WL 1000 Air-link+
WPC 100E
CardBus O7J-GL2422013) RFMD No Yes [0.2.0pre7]
Yes [0.2.0pre6]
Yes [0.2.0pre3]
Yes [0.2.0pre7]
Yes [0.2.0pre5]
Yes [0.2.0pre8]
[ACX100] --
frederik A T padjen DOT de
tenyen A T spc DOT org
andi A T lisas DOT de
juergen DOT pichlbauer A T liwest DOT at
hutchins A T tarcanfel DOT org, zimmermann A T rottenegg DOT de
bschrauw A T users DOT sf DOT net, robert DOT spilleboudt A T skynet DOT be
MGream A T metasolv DOT com
Conceptronic C22C CardBus ? ? No Yes [0.2.0pre7] Windows [ACX100] rscampos A T users DOT sourceforge DOT net
psousa A T wit-software DOT com
Conceptronic C22i (mini-?)PCI ? ? No Yes [0.2.0pre8] Windows [ACX100] carlos_vita A T hotmail DOT com
D-Link DWL-120+2) USB5) O7J-GL2422MU-MT Maxim (max2820) No [Yes] (now working well again) -- [ACX100] wawro A T euklid DOT cs DOT uni-dortmund DOT de
diode A T 13x2 DOT com
D-Link AirPlus DWL-520+2) PCI O7J-GL2422VP RFMD (sometimes Maxim instead!) No Yes [0.2.0pre5] Windows [ACX100] mao A T mao DOT pl
mmeyer A T uwc DOT edu
Lgaga A T muszaki DOT info
D-Link DWL-650+2)
CardBus KA2DWL-650PLUSB1 RFMD (sometimes Maxim instead!) No [Yes] [0.1h] Windows
[ACX100] frfa4867 A T student DOT uu DOT se
emulyono A T horizon DOT csuhayward DOT edu
D-Link DWL-900AP+2)
Access Point ? ? No No -- [ACX100] doger A T adinet DOT com DOT uy
DrayTek Vigor 520
CardBus IOU1022S01 Ralink No Yes [0.2.0pre6] Windows
[ACX100] info A T koeniglich DOT de
Karl-W-Mueller A T gmx DOT de
steffen DOT schmid A T skpfcw DOT de
Clemens DOT Fricke A T gmx DOT de
Level One WNC-0200 PCI ? ? No Yes [0.1d] Windows [ACX100] tvanoverbeke A T ccncsi DOT net
steffen DOT schmid A T skpfcw DOT de
Level One WPC-0200 CardBus ? ? Yes Yes [0.2.0pre8pf43] Windows [ACX100] bjoern A T sieper DOT org
acid_man A T web DOT de
Longshine LCS-8032-B7) PCI ? ? No Yes [0.2.0pre6] Windows [ACX100] johannes DOT schmid A T gmx DOT de
Origo WLL-1310 (wlb-pci), 11Mbps! PCI ? ? No No Windows [ACX100] gavin DOT henry A T magicfx DOT co DOT uk
Origo WLL-2310 (wlbp-pci) PCI ? ? No No Windows [ACX100] oriche A T yahoo DOT com
PheeNet WL-PCI+ PCI ? ? Yes Yes [0.1b] Windows [ACX100] maurice A T meeden DOT de
Planet WL-3555 CardBus ? ? No Yes [0.2.0pre7] Windows [ACX100] pszczolek A T pszczolek DOT com
Planet WL-8305 PCI ? Maxim No Yes [0.2.0pre6], with Maxim firmware Windows [ACX100] freeko A T users DOT sf DOT net
muaddib A:) T:) kopernet DOT org
mkrynski A T users DOT sf DOT net
Roper ROGW100-CB CardBus O7J-GL255401-0A(only -1A in FCC DB??) ? No Yes [0.2.0pre8pf45] Windows [ACX100] xmer A T users DOT sf DOT net
Samsung 2350c Compact Flash (I/O interface only, not connector) ? ? No No -- ACX100? william72k A T users DOT sourceforge DOT net
Samsung SWL-2300P PCI E2XSWL-2300P ? No Yes [0.2.0pre4] -- [ACX100]a) hever_rocha A T uol DOT com DOT br
SpeedStream/Siemens SS10211)crossbones CardBus (0x104c/0x8400) O6M-WE302TF ? No Yes [0.2.0pre3] Windows [ACX100]1) minto A T tupac DOT dyndns DOT org
Topcom Skyracer 3044 CardBus ? ? No No Windows [ACX100] rpr A T pc DOT dk
Topcom Skyracer PCI 144 PCI / mini-PCI ? ? No No Windows [ACX100] rpr A T pc DOT dk
TRENDware TEW-303PI PCI ? ? No No Windows [ACX100] cormac A T bu DOT edu
TRENDware TEW-301PC CardBus ? RFMD No Yes [0.1e] Windows [ACX100] linux A T seaq DOT com DOT co
cormac A T bu DOT edu
Trust SpeedShare 13600 CardBus ? RFMD No Yes [0.2.0pre6] Windows [ACX100] bagborg A T users DOT sf DOT net
andi A T lisas DOT de
Trust 13650 PCI ? ? No No Windows [ACX100] b DOT stolk A T chello DOT nl
USRobotics USR8x2216 PCI / mini-PCI O7J-GL2422VP ? Yes Yes [0.2.0pre6] [ACX100] GAlain A T altern DOT org
dan A T lan3 DOT net
USRobotics USR8x22494) Access Point O7J-GL2422AP ? No No [ACX100] midget A T users DOT sf DOT net
Wisecom GmbH GL2422VP PCI / mini-PCI ? ? No No Windows [ACX100] uwejacob A T web DOT de
Wisecom GmbH GL242201-OT CardBus O7J-GL242201 RFMD No Yes [0.2.0pre4] Windows [ACX100] uwejacob A T web DOT de
flo A T orlen DOT de
Wisecom GmbH GL2422AP-OT Access Point ? ? No No Windows [ACX100] uwejacob A T web DOT de

ACX111 (TNETW1130, TNETW1230) based cards

Brand Model Interface
(USB: VID/PID, PCI: vendor/subsys)
FCCID / Ser. No. Radio GPL Driver Verified? Vendor Driver Chipset Verified Submitter/Owner
AboCom WG2400
(hidden RP-MMCX antenna connector!)
CardBus MQ4WG2K4 Radia (TI) ? Windows TNETW1130GVF bfeitell A T panix DOT com
AboCom WUG2400 USB!!! (2.0/1.1) MQ4WUG2400 ? [20060124] quite similar to TNETW1130, support should be quite easy TNETW1450 --
Airlinkplus AWLC3025
(_NO_ RP-MMCX antenna connector!)
CardBus MQ4WG2K4 Radia (TI) [Yes] [0.2.0pre8pf5x] Windows [ACX111] punkrckdrummer A T gmail DOT com
Airlinkplus AWLH3025 PCI 2.2 MQ4WMG2K4 Radia (TI) ? Windows [ACX111] msg4real A T yahoo DOT com
a_emery A T juno DOT com
Allied Telesyn AT-WCP200G PCI ? Radia (TI) [Yes] [acx-20060215] Windows TNETW1130GVF lt A T speakeasy DOT net
Alpha Networks Inc. WMP-G04 mini-PCI RRK20031200281 Radia (TI) OpenBSD driver, reported 20060827 -- TNETW1130GVF maxim A T unixconn DOT com
AVM GmbH FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick USB!!! (2.0/1.1) ? ? [20060124] quite similar to TNETW1130, support should be quite easy TNETW1450 --
BUFFALO WLI-CB-G54L CardBus ? Radia (TI) Yes [0.2.0pre8pf4x] Windows [ACX111] cliff A T cliffrowley DOT com
D-Link DWL-G520+
(mini-?)PCI ? ? ? Windows
[ACX111] Aki DOT Sivula A T tietoenator DOT com
D-Link DWL-G650+ Rev. Ax / Bx
CardBus ? ? [Yes?] Windows
[ACX111] --
Fiberline WL-400X8)
CardBus ? ? ? -- Ralink!! --
Hamlet HNWU254G USB!!! (2.0/1.1) ? ? [20060109] quite similar to TNETW1130, support should be quite easy TNETW1450
LG LWG-5400P PCI ? ? Yes [0.2.0pre8pf5X] -- [ACX111] mosca A T mosca DOT yi DOT org
LinkSys WPC54Gv2 CardBus Q87-WPC54GV2 Radia (TI) Yes [0.2.0pre8pf4X] -- [ACX111] andrew DOT g DOT r DOT holmes A T gmail DOT com
Longshine LCS-8031G2 PCI MQ4WPG2401 Radia (TI) Yes [20060215] -- TNETW1130GVF hippen A T ewetel DOT net
Netgear WG311v2 Rev. A1
PCI (only!) PY3WG311V2 Radia (TI) Yes [0.2.0pre8pf10] Windows
TNETW1130GVF dan A T transmorphix DOT com, eljay A T gmx DOT de
Roper RO80211GTI-USB USB!!! (2.0/1.1) ? ? [20060124] quite similar to TNETW1130, support should be quite easy TNETW1450 yegcosta A T users DOT sourceforge DOT net
SAFECOM Technologies SWLC-54108 CardBus ? ? Yes [0.2.0pre8pf40] [ACX111] mikea A T yuri DOT org DOT uk
SAFECOM Technologies SWLUT-54125 USB!!! (2.0/1.1) MQ4WUG2400 ? [20060109] just got one on eBay :) quite similar to TNETW1130, support should be quite easy TNETW1450 andi A T lisas DOT de
Sitecom WL-12010)crossbones CardBus ? ? ? [ACX111] jeferr1 A T users DOT sf DOT net
Sitecom WL-12010)crossbones CardBus ? ? ? [ACX111] jeferr1 A T users DOT sf DOT net
Sitecom WL-120 v210)crossbones CardBus unknown!! / XG302452NE01965 / MAC 000CF6-073175 ? ? Harris!! (is that PRISM??) jeferr1 A T users DOT sf DOT net
Sitecom WL-121 ("XG-950")10)crossbones PCI (only!) M4Y-0XG950 / XG9503ANE13838 Radia (TI) ? TNETW1130GVF(?) andi A T lisas DOT de
TEW-421PC H/W:A (TI), not B1 (Marvell chip)crossbones
CardBus NHPWLG1100 Radia (TI) Yes [0.2.0pre8pf23]
Yes [0.2.0pre8pf43]
[TNETW1130xxx] einarry A T starman DOT ee
niels A T drni DOT de
TRENDware TEW-423PI H/W:A (TI), not B1 (Marvell chip)crossbones
PCI (only!) NHPWLG1200 ? Yes [0.2.0pre8pf19] [ACX111] zpericic A T users DOT sf DOT net
andrew A T neocodenetworks DOT com
USRobotics USR805410 CardBus O7J-GL245401 ? Yes [0.2.0pre8pf11] ACX111??? hugorodrig A T users DOT sf DOT net
USRobotics USR805416 (mini-?)PCI O7J-GL2454VP ? Yes [0.2.0pre8pf11,pf34] ACX111 hugorodrig A T users DOT sf DOT net
g DOT chvatal A T adcon DOT at
Xterasys XN-2422G/WG20009)crossbones
CardBus M4Y-XG-300 (MQ4WG2K??) ? ? -- PrismGT (Intersil Frisbee) weird0 A T spymac DOT com
Xterasys XN-2422G/WG24009)crossbones
(hidden RP-MMCX antenna connector!)
MQ4WG2K4 Radia (TI) ? Windows TNETW1130GVF weird0 A T spymac DOT com
bfeitell A T panix DOT com
zinx A T users DOT sf DOT net
Xterasys XN-2423G9)crossbones
CardBus MQ4WG2K4 Radia (TI) Yes [0.2.0pre8pf43] ? [TNETW1130] asmecher A T sfu DOT ca
Xterasys XN-2522G/WPG2000 (~ < 2004)9)crossbones
(mini-?)PCI M4Y-XG-900 ? ? -- PrismGT (Intersil Frisbee) --
Xterasys XN-2522G/WPG2400 (2004+)9)crossbones
(mini-?)PCI MQ4WMG2K4 ? Yes [0.2.0pre8pf57] -- [TNETW1130] mike A T macfadden DOT org
sycocowz A T gmail DOT com
Xterasys XN-2523G9)crossbones
(mini-?)PCI ? ? ? -- [TNETW1130] --
ZyXEL ZyAir G-162 CardBus ? ? Yes [acx-20060215] Windows ACX111 zen44241 AT zen DOT co DOT uk

key: 1) The SS1021 is one of too many ACX100 devices that play the stupid naming game: The old non-gold connector SS1021 has Orinoco chipset, the new gold connector SS1021 has ACX100. Don't buy this card!
2) The + in DWL-120+, DWL-520+ and DWL-650+ is what's important:
The normal version uses the good and well-supported Prism 2.5 chipset, whereas the + version uses the obscure ACX100 chipset.
Oh wait, it's even worse: a newer version of the DWL-650 (the one with grey antenna) is said to also have the ACX100, so it's even more difficult to tell them apart!! ARGH! Consider not buying these cards! (plus, the 650+ seems to be defective/problematic much more often than other cards, in my experience)
3) These cards all have the same FCCID, so I combined them in one entry. Their actual case design often differs a bit, however.
4) You might be able to configure these access points via Debian package ap-utils! Confirmation wanted!
5) This is the first implementation of an ACX100 in USB mode we've seen. We suspected it to be an ACX100 before, but now it's finally been confirmed :) USB support is being developed. Details: main chip: tnetw1100bghh, e e 2cdfcet; Maxim chip: max2820, egm 302, a7n0fu; h/w a1 f/w 1.00.
6) The USR 2210 plays the same stupid naming game: one guy reported that he bought it at only to find out that it didn't contain the ACX100 as the 2210 versions normally do, but instead an incompatible 802.11g TI chip! Don't buy any 2210 card!
7) The LCS-8032 has semi-problematic naming:
The -B extension version has an ACX100, whereas no extension means PRISM chip and -R means Realtek chip.
8) The WL-400X claims to have 22Mbps PBCC support, but it has a Ralink chipset according to Fiberline support! And I'm not even sure about its PBCC support yet, since there's no Ralink PBCC evidence whatsoever...
9) The XN-2422G/WG2400 is the version with ACX111 chipset, NOT the XN-2422G/WG2000!! Same for XN-2522G. Need to mention that Xterasys has an exceptionally detailed specifications overview on driver and product pages, though...
10) I became a victim of irritating naming practice of Sitecom myself: I bought the WL-120, only to discover that it had a tiny temporary product ID label "WL-120 v2". I thus tried to find out on the Internet (even still in the shop!) which card contains which chipset on the Sitecom website. Result: NOTHING. Final outcome: I bought the wrong card (v2), so I immediately returned it to the shop and let them know why I returned it, and I let Sitecom know that I'm rather unhappy about the fact that they sell new hardware that you can't find any information about. Furthermore, the card doesn't even contain an FCC ID anywhere, and I couldn't quickly identify an FCC ID similar to the XG30245 product name for the M4Y FCC grantee anywhere on the FCC website! The only thing I could see on the card was the serial number (see above)
Since Sitecom have an exceptionally good support hotline, told me that they'd investigate that and appear to be very supportive of Linux (and are very fast to react, too!), I'd still consider their offering to be very good. Just make sure you buy the correct card...

a) ACX100AGHK E 35A024W